SafeStack was founded on with the belief that conventional BOP Stack design could be improved so that oil drilling, operation and production would each reap benefits. SafeStack’s concept of a three module BOP stack has resulted in a multitude of patents which go beyond its initial vision. Not only does SafeStack offer innovative improvements to the 15 kpsi BOP stack technology of today, but also provides solutions for setting 20 kpsi and higher components, with little or no modification to existing rigs and vessels. Further, SafeStack also offers unparalleled solutions for well control in the emergency situation. SafeStack’s mission is to continue to improve the technology by reducing risk, reducing uncertainty, and increasing uptime for today’s subsea operations. The SafeStack promise: less risk, less cost, more control.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and apply innovative, practical solutions to marine drilling equipment which allows more production by reducing downtime while increasing safety and protecting the environment.